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STARTECH.COM Knock-down Server Rack Cabinet With Casters 12u 36in

Redcorp# 75645499 Article# RK1236BKF
Redcorp# 75645499 Article# RK1236BKF
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Knock-down STARTECH.COM Knock-down Server Rack Cabinet With Casters 12u 36in
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This server rack provides 12U of storage space in a sleek secure cabinet for storing EIA-310 compliant 19" rackmount devices such as Dell, HP and IBM servers along with telecommunication and A/V equipment. The rack creates a robust storage solution supporting a total load capacity of 800 kg. (1763.7 lbs.).

Hassle-free equipment installation

Adjustable mounting rails

This rack has been engineered with different features that enable you to easily incorporate plenty of equipment.

With adjustable mounting rails you can easily change the rail depth to up to 29.1 in. (740mm). These rails ensure the cabinet is widely compatible with your standard rackmountable equipment. The added depth also provides support for additional cable and power management behind your equipment.

The rack features brushed ports on the ceiling and floor panels that enable you to easily run cabling to the inside and outside of the cabinet, for discreet cable management. The floor and ceiling panels can also be removed enabling you to customize your setup, and the rack features grounding lugs that enable you to ground your equipment for added protection.

Securely protect your equipment while still being able to see it

Glass door

To ensure you have full visibility of your equipment while securely locking it up, this rack has a stylish glass window on the front door. The glass door looks great in any server room, and gives you the freedom to clearly monitor equipment without the hassle of opening your rack.

The rack also has removable side panels with independent locks quick-release mechanisms that enable you to easily access your equipment while still keeping it secure.

Save money, with a cost effective, compact shipping container

The cabinet comes in a flat packed box to reduce shipping volume, which significantly reduces your costs in shipping. Plus, because the rack is packaged efficiently, you can easily store the cabinet, for deployment at a later date.

Maximum Maneuverability, with casters included


The cabinet features casters ensuring hassle-free access to the rear mounted equipment, while providing ease of mobility around your office, studio or server room. Plus, the width and height of the rack fits through standard doorways, giving you the freedom to wheel your server rack into different rooms.

Ensure your equipment is running at an optimal temperature

Vented ceiling panel

The rear door on the rack is mesh, and the front glass door is vented, working together to increase airflow to provide passive cooling that's cost effective and ensures your equipment runs at an optimal temperature.

The top ceiling panel features square venting holes that are cage nut compatible, which provide mounting points that enable you to add additional equipment at the top of your rack.

The RK1236BKF is backed by a lifetime StarTech.com warranty with free technical support.


  • Increase visibility and security with a glass door
  • Easy equipment installation
  • Keep your equipment at an optimal temperature with passive cooling
  • Mount equipment at the top of the rack with a ceiling panel that features square venting holes that are cage nut compatible
  • Easy assembly at the point of installation for rapid deployment
  • Front and side mounting holes to accommodate different types of equipment


Wallmountable: No

U Markings: Yes

Front Door Reversible and/or Removable: Removable

Side Panels Reversible and/or Removable: Removable

Side Panel(s) Key Lock: Yes

Back Door Reversible and/or Removable: Removable

Back Door Key Lock: Yes

Ladder Type: G-Shape G-Shape offset: 0.35 in [9 mm]

Ladder Offset: 0 mm [0 in]

Adjustable Mounting Rails: No

Mounting Holes: Square

Number and Type of Included Cage Nuts: M6

Cable Management: No

Tools Included: No

Additional Required Tools: Phillips Screwdriver

Industry Standards: EIA-310-D

Rack Type: 4-Post

Casters: Included

U Height: 12U

Frame Type: Enclosed Cabinet

Front Door Construction: Glass

Side Panel Construction: Aluminum

Back Door Construction: Aluminum

Front Door Key Lock: Yes

DIN41491 Part I



Fan(s): No

Flat Pack (Assembly Required): Yes

Shipping (Package) Weight: 50 kg [110.5 lb]

Ventilation Capacity: 40% - Back door, 27% - Top

Weight Capacity (Stationary): 800 kg [1768 lb]

Color: Black

Enclosure Type: Aluminum

Rail Thickness: 1.5 mm [0.1 in]

Internal Width: 600 mm [23.6 in]

Internal Depth: 740 mm [29.1 in]

External Width: 603 mm [23.7 in]

External Height: 663 mm [26.1 in]

External Depth: 900 mm [35.4 in]

Product Length: 900 mm [35.4 in]

Product Width: 603 mm [23.7 in]

Product Height: 663 mm [26.1 in]

Product Weight: 29.3 kg [64.8 lb]

Maximum Mounting Depth: 740 mm [29.1 in]

Minimum Mounting Depth: 140 mm [5.5 in]

Height with Casters: 734 mm [28.9 in]

Included in Package: Bottom Panel

Side Panel and Frame

Top Panel

Cross Brace

Plastic Corner Caps


Sets of Keys

Adjustable Feet

Allen Wrench

Assembly Screw Kit

Bag M6 Cab Screws and Nuts