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LEXMARK Mfp Adjustable Stand (12b0602)

Redcorp# 08623636 Article# 12B0602
Redcorp# 08623636 Article# 12B0602
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Mfp LEXMARK Mfp Adjustable Stand (12b0602)
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The MFP Adjustable Stand for the Lexmark T series, Lexmark C710 and Lexmark C720 printers is a unit that stands on the floor to support both the printer and the MFP option.

  • This MFP Adjustable Stand includes a wheelbase and a sliding top shelf for the MFP scan unit.
  • Adjustments to the height of the MFP Adjustable Stand shelf make it easy to provide the correct height for the multifunction option and ease of use, increasing its versatility.