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CANON Bubble Jet Head Unit (qy6-0046)

Redcorp# 08605194 Article# QY60046
Redcorp# 08605194 Article# QY60046
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Bubble CANON Bubble Jet Head Unit (qy6-0046)
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Canon's Bubble Jet Printers are in use for various printing purposes at home and in the office. The long-line Bubble Jet print head has been specially designed for use in offices, in which digitization is becoming increasingly important. In this new print head, Canon has introduced innovative features to support higher speeds and better image quality than ever before. Thus, the versatility of Bubble Jet printers is further extended with this print head, from the color printing of greeting cards, postcards and product labels to on-demand color printing services in shops. Our LCD color filter plotting system, another new development, is a convenient outfit adding to printer versatility. The long-line Bubble Jet print head bring Bubble Jet printers closer to everyday life.

  • High-Speed Printing
    While the printing width of existing Bubble Jet printers remains between 9 mm and 13 mm, this advanced print head, a world's first for Canon, includes a large printing width of 4 inches (about 10 cm) and features a head carrying a great number of nozzles. It offers two classes of nozzle density (ink jet density): 360 dpi and 600 dpi. The 360 dpi head comprises 1,360 nozzles laid at an interval of 70.5 micrometers, and the 600 dpi head has 2,400 nozzles laid at an interval of 42.5 micrometers.

    Printing large document on a serial printer, which performs printing operation by the reciprocating motion of a small print head crosswise, is a time-taking process. Provided with a printing width long enough to print the equivalent of the short side of a postcard, the Canon long-line Bubble Jet print head stays fixed while paper is moved. One postcard can be printed in full color at an amazingly high speed of just one second. Using higher numbers of this new print head, it will be possible to print even 60 or more A4 pages per minute in full color.

  • Ultraprecise Array of Nozzles and Heaters by Exclusive Multichip Head System
    The long-line Bubble Jet print head requires the printer nozzles to be arranged very accurately along a long width of 100 mm, together with their respective heaters. The number of nozzles/heaters required for this length amounts to 1,360 (360 dpi). Canon first created a unit with 128 nozzles/heaters, and then invented its original multichip head system. Using this system, we could array eleven 128-nozzle units very accurately at an interval of 8 micrometers and a pitch of ñ2 micrometers.

    The ink-feed path also posed problems. The aforementioned large number of nozzles are built in the ink-feed path. The use of plastic could cause the nozzles/heaters to be dislocated due to the potential difference of thermal expansion that could occur along a lengthy path of 100 mm. A metal bar was insertion-molded in the plastic to prevent the dislocation of nozzles/heaters. In addition, the nozzles were wrought using an excimer laser. (Canon took the lead in introducing excimer lasers in production lines.) Various other problems were successfully solved, and the long-line Bubble Jet print head was consummated.

  • 600 dpi Long-Line Bubble Jet Print Head: a More Microscopic Solution
    Comprehensive and sophisticated technologies are required to produce the long-line Bubble Jet print head, including solutions for mechanical, electric and material factors. For achievement of a higher-resolution print head, microscopic and micromachine technologies must also be integrated. Canon has long been dedicated to research these fundamental technologies. Canon's comprehensive power based on these steady and dedicated activities are embodies by the long-line Bubble Jet print head.

    The 600 dpi class 4 inch print head, which we developed more recently, lays 2,400 nozzles at an interval of 42.5 micrometers. The nozzle aperture's bore diameter is 18 micrometers, equivalent to 1/5 the diameter of a human hair. What was most difficult in this development was elaborating these extraordinarily fine nozzles consistently and without defect at an accuracy of ñ1 micrometer. With the nozzle material and machining processes in use then, it was anticipated that their dimensional accuracy and pitch could not be ensured throughout the length of 4 inches, and that dislocation from the heaters would result. Also, they were so microscopic that contamination of even a few micrometers of foreign matter could result in printing failure.

    We started with an extensive analysis of materials in the search for the right material for these nozzles. The result an exclusive state-of-the-art photosensitive resin we previously developed for micromachines. A fabrication process similar to that applied to produce semiconductors was used to elaborate the nozzles. Finally, we achieved a 4 inch-long print head with an extraordinarily fine 2,400 nozzles without contamination at an accuracy of ñ1 micrometer.

    In parallel, the head structure was made compact, and we achieved a configuration of 6 heads in a line to create a high-speed photo-quality color card printer.