RED HAT SOFTWARE Redhat Linux (v7.3) Pro - New License

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Redcorp# 73752043 Article# RH088
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Redhat RED HAT SOFTWARE Redhat Linux (v7.3) Pro - New License
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The new features in Red Hat Linux 7.3 Personal offer everything needed for a personal productivity workstation, from installation through system maintenance. Red Hat Linux 7.3 Professional is a versatile solution for small networks and small businesses. From personal production to basic Web serving, Red Hat Linux Professional contains everything needed for a stable and secure working environment. For help with basic configuration and maintenance, Red Hat support and Red Hat Network Basic Service are included.
  • Small Network Setup
    • Kickstart robot to install many systems 
    • Firewall setup at installation 
    • Choose server, workstation, laptop or custom installation 
  • System Configuration
    • Use Linux in a heterogeneous network 
    • Complete set of graphical tools in control panel 
    • Easy to use Apache configuration tool 
  • Flexible Server Options
    • Small network servers included: web, mail, file & print 
    • Linux servers work in multiple-OS networks 
    • Reliable for use as small business servers 
  • Multi-use Versatility
    • StarOffice 5.2 office suite, compatible with most file formats 
    • Point and click desktops GNOME 1.4 and KDE 3.0 
    • Journaling file system for data access and reliability 
  • Security & Management
    • Immediate notification of security updates 
    • Simplified system maintenance with Red Hat Network 
    • You control system security by turning on services as needed 
    • Smart default settings and applications enable high security 
System Specifications

Hardware Compatibility
Red Hat Linux supports most modern PC hardware.

Minimum and Recommended Hardware Requirements:

  • CPU:
    • Minimum: Pentium-class
      Recommended: 200 Megahertz Pentium-class or better
  •  Hard Disk Space :
    • Minimum: 650MB
    • Recommended: 2.5GB
    • Full Installation: 4.5GB
          Additional space will be required for file storage.
  • Memory :
    • Minimum for text-mode: 32MB
    • Minimum for graphical: 64MB
    • Recommended for graphical: 96MB


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