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BROTHER Pt-p900w - Label Printer- Laminated Thermal Transfer - 36mm - Rs232c / USB / Wi-Fi

Redcorp# 07358952 Article# PTP900WYP1
Redcorp# 07358952 Article# PTP900WYP1
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Pt-p900w BROTHER Pt-p900w - Label Printer- Laminated Thermal Transfer - 36mm - Rs232c / USB / Wi-Fi
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The PT-P900W is a complete wireless on-demand laminating label printing solution that comes with printer, accessories, label design and print software, and a full length UL certified tape - all this for the price of just the printer! This small footprint printer produces wide, premium quality laminated labels at 360dpi print resolution, up to 32mm print height on 36mm tape, and features a built-in automatic cutter that trims a continuous "tape" to virtually any length, one at a time or as a strip of pre-cut labels. Brother laminated labels can withstand abrasion, fading, extreme temperatures, chemicals and moisture.

Main Features
  • Produce Premium Quality, UL Certified Laminated Labels On-Demand - Virtually Eliminates the Need to Purchase Pre-Printed Labels From a Converter for Custom and Short Run Labels
  • Wi-Fi, USB and Serial Interfaces - Versatile Wireless and Wired Connectivity Options
  • Infrastructure, Adhoc and Direct Wireless Wi-Fi Communications - Connect Directly to a Windows Computer, iOS and Android Smartphone or Tablet
  • Larger Print Head Prints up to 32mm High on 36mm Wide Tape at 360 dpi Printing Resolution - Prints
  • Larger, Easy to Read Labels with Smooth Curves that Help Eliminate Jagged and Pixilated Images, Including Very Small Characters and Graphics
  • Automatic Dual Blade Cutting Mechanism - Pre-Print Strip of Easy to Peel labels as an Alternative to Sheets and Rolls of Die Cut Labels
  • Future Proof Optional Accessories (Li-ion Battery) - Make Printer Configuration Purchasing Decision on Current Requirements, Optional Accessories are User Installable After Deployment
  • Printer Includes AC Adapter and Easy to Use, Advanced Label Design Software, UL Certified Tape and Cables - Comes With Everything you Need to Help you Design and Print Premium Quality Laminated Labels
  • Prints Laminated Labels up to 3.1 ips - Print Speed is up to 4x Faster Than Other Brother Models and is Ideal for Work in Progress (WIP) and Higher Volume Labeling Applications
  • Template Mode Printing and Downloadable Databases - Easy to Develop Solutions to Print Standalone, From Scanning a Barcode or Connected to an Industrial Device (ex: PLC or Tester)
  • Uses HGe/TZe/HSe Tape - All in One, Drop in Cartridge Design Helps Ensure you Get the Best Print Quality and Makes Replacing Media Virtually Trouble Free
  • Small Footprint, only 4.7" wide x 5.7" high x 7.6" deep - Ideal for Use on Crowded Bench Tops, Limited Work Space and Even on Carts

Hardware Specifications

  • Model Type : Industrial Powered Desktop Label Printer
  • Tape Family : HGe, TZe, HSe, STe
  • Tape Sizes : 3.5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm, 24mm, 36mm
  • Tape Length : 8m (26.25')
  • Tape Technology : Laminated Thermal Transfer
  • Tape Types : High Grade, Standard & Extra-Strength Adhesive, Flexible ID, Heat Shrink Tube, Tamper-Evident, Stencil, Iron-On Fabric, Acid Free, Non-Laminated
  • LCD Display : None
  • Backlight : None
  • Maximum Print Resolution : 360 x 720 dpi (14 x 28 dots/mm)
  • Maximum Print Speed HGe/TZe Tape: Up to 3.15 ips (80 mm/sec)
  • Keyboard : None
  • Cutter Automatic (Built-In) Cutter: Full-Cut mode and Crack and Peel mode
  • Batteries : Optional Li-ion Rechargeable Battery (PA-BT-4000LI), Requires Optional Battery Base (PA-BB-002)
  • Operation Mode : Computer Connected (GDI Printer, Template), Connected to Host Peripheral (USB or Serial)
    Printer Emulation Raster, ESC P, Text (Template/Form Mode)
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified : Yes
  • Control Panel : On/Off, Feed/Cut, Wi-Fi On/Off
  • Power Switch : Digital
  • Power Supply : 120-240VAC 60/50 Hz
  • AC Adapter : AD-9100ESA (Included)
  • Handle : None
  • Preview Key : None
  • Interface : Wi-Fi WLAN (802.11b/g/n), USB 2.0, Serial (RS-232C)
  • Near Field Communication : None
  • Mobile Device Printing App : Mobile Cable Label Tool, Mobile Transfer Express
  • Mobile Device Compatibility : iOS 3.0 or Later, Android 1.6 or Later
  • Model Details

    • Housing Dimensions : 4.7" (119.4mm) x 7.6" (193mm) x 5.7" (144.8mm)
    • Housing Weight : 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg)
    • Housing Color : Black


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