STARTECH.COM USB 3.0 Extension Cable Superspeed A To A - M/f 1m Blue

Redcorp# 75645770 Article# USB3SEXT1M
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Redcorp# 75645770 Article# USB3SEXT1M
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USB STARTECH.COM USB 3.0 Extension Cable Superspeed A To A - M/f 1m Blue
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The USB3SEXT1M SuperSpeed USB 3.0 extension cable (1m, A-A), offers a durable, high quality connection that harnesses the full capability of the USB 3.0 standard.

Designed for next-generation SuperSpeed USB device connections, this USB 3.0 male to female cable extends a USB 3.0 cable connection by up to 1 meter and delivers the full USB 3.0 bandwidth of 5Gbps, supporting maximum throughput between compatible devices when used with a USB 3.0 host and device.

Our USB 3.0 extension cord features high quality Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) construction, helping to prevent electromagnetic interference and ensuring reliable data communication.

The USB3SEXT1M is backed by our Lifetime Warranty, providing guaranteed quality and reliability.


  • Extends a USB 3.0 cable by up to a meter at transfer rates of up to 5 Gbps, which ensures an ideal connection even at longer distances
  • Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) design helps to eliminate electro-magnetic interference (EMI), for optimal connectivity
  • Backed by Lifetime Warranty


  • 1x USB 'A' Male Connector
  • 1x USB 'A' Female Connector
  • Designed and constructed to SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Specifications
  • High quality Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) construction
  • Data transfer rates up to 5Gbps
  • Backward compatible with USB 2.0


Connector A: USB Type-A (9 pin) USB 3.0 Male

Connector B: USB Type-A (9 pin) USB 3.0 Female

Connector Plating: Nickel

Cable Jacket Type: PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride

Cable Shield Type: Foil shielded twisted pair

Package Quantity: 1

Shipping (Package) Weight: 0.1 kg [0.1 lb]

Type and Rate: USB 3.0 - 5 Gbit/s

Color: Blue

Wire Gauge: 28 AWG

Cable Length: 1 m [3.3 ft]

Product Length: 1 m [3.3 ft]

Product Weight: 0.1 kg [0.1 lb]

Included in Package: 1 m SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Extension Cable A to A - M/F


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