STARTECH.COM USB DVI External Multi Monitor Video Adapter Cable M/m 1.83m

Redcorp# 75644847 Article# USB2DVIMM6
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Redcorp# 75644847 Article# USB2DVIMM6
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USB STARTECH.COM USB DVI External Multi Monitor Video Adapter Cable M/m 1.83m
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The USB2DVIMM6 External USB DVI Adapter Cable offers a hassle-free multi-monitor solution, turning a USB 2.0 port into a DVI video connection. This 6-foot USB Display Adapter is a complete solution, ready to go out of the box with all the cables you need built right onto the adapter. Simply install the drivers, connect to your computer and display. Built-on cables make the USB2DVIMM6 easier to install and does away with the need to worry about forgetting a cable.

Instead of having to open the computer case to install a specialized video card to accommodate a multi-display configuration, USB2DVIMM6 functions as an external USB video card saving both time and hassle.

Multiple (USB2DVIMM6) adapters (up to 5 total) can be used on a single system to provide several mirrored displays or extended desktops - a convenient and cost-effective multi-VGA option for virtually any laptop or desktop operating environment.

Backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.


  • All-in-one cable lets you tuck the enclosure behind your monitor for a cleaner and less cluttered desk space
  • Completely external device offers a simple upgrade solution saving the cost and hassle of upgrading the internal video card on your system
  • WHQL certified drivers offer a smooth and hassle-free install on Windows systems - Installs automatically when your system is connected to the internet


  • Optimal performance at 1680x1050 and ideal for use with 20" to 22" monitors or smaller
  • Built-on USB and DVI cables
  • Hassle-free installation
  • No power adapter required
  • Supports the use of DVI to VGA or DVI to HDMI adapters


Connector A: USB Type-A (4 pin) USB 2.0 Male

Connector B: DVI-D (19 pin) Male

USB Pass-Through: No

Memory: 16MB RAM

Chipset ID: DisplayLink - DL-165

Output Signal: DVI-D (DVI Digital)

Shipping (Package) Weight: 300 g [10.6 oz]

Maximum Digital Resolutions: 1600x1200(standard) or 1680x1050(wide) @ 32 bits

Supported Resolutions: Widescreen (16/32 bit):

Standard (16/32 bit):

MTBF: 59,000 hours

General Specifications: This USB video adapter uses a DisplayLink family chipset. If you're connecting this device to a computer along with additional USB video adapters or docking stations, please avoid using devices with a Trigger or Fresco family chipset.

Color: Black

Cable Length: 1.8 m [6 ft]

Product Length: 1.8 m [6 ft]

Product Width: 48 mm [1.9 in]

Product Height: 23.5 mm [0.9 in]

Product Weight: 100 g [3.5 oz]

OS Compatibility: Windows 10 (32/64), 8/8.1 (32/64), 7 (32/64), Vista (32/64), XP (32/64), 2000 (Aero 3D interface supported)

Microsoft WHQL Certified: Yes

System and Cable Requirements: Available USB 2.0 port

Not intended for gaming

Note: Connect a maximum of five USB2DVIMM6 adapters on a single PC

Included in Package: USB to DVI Cable Adapter

Driver CD

Instruction Manual


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