STARTECH.COM Video Extender 8-port Vga Via Cat5

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Video STARTECH.COM Video Extender 8-port Vga Via Cat5
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The ST1218T 8 Port VGA Video Extender over Cat 5 is designed for use with our ST121 VGA over Cat 5 extension series, offering convenient VGA video distribution at distances of up to 492 feet (150 meters) using standard Cat 5 (or better) cabling.

Comprised of the transmitter unit only, the ST1218T requires one [%product id="ST121R" text="Receiver Unit"%] (ST121R) per display that you are connecting.

For added versatility, the [%product id="ST121EXT" text=" VGA over Cat 5 Repeater "%] (ST121EXT) can be used to extend the distance between the transmitter and receiver by an additional 492-feet (150 meters), for a total distance of 984-feet (300 meters). Similarly, up to 3 repeater units can be used between transmitter and receiver, enabling you to connect monitors at each repeater, while still extending the total distance.

Backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.


  • Cat 5 extension enables you to make use of existing Ethernet infrastructure wiring to extend VGA video
  • A pure hardware design provides an easy installation and setup, with no software or drivers required
  • Support for cascading multiple transmitter units, and the use of repeaters for additional distance, providing a scalable system for VGA distribution


  • Consists of 1 Base unit for distributing 8 ports through Cat5 and two VGA ports for local displays
  • Extends VGA video by up to 492ft (150m)
  • Supports cascading multiple transmitter units
  • Provides crystal clear picture quality
  • Pure hardware design, with no software or drivers to install
  • Compatible with the ST121EXT repeater unit for further extension


Local Unit Connectors: RJ-45 Female

VGA (15 pin, High Density D-Sub) Female

VGA (15 pin, High Density D-Sub) Male

Ports: 8

Cabling: Cat 5 UTP or better

Audio: No

Daisy-Chain: Yes

Shipping (Package) Weight: 0.8 kg [1.7 lb]

Max Distance: 150 m / 500 ft

Supported Resolutions: 1600x1200 @ 150ft(50m)

Color: Black

Enclosure Type: Aluminum

Power Source: AC Adapter Included

Input Voltage: 115V AC

Input Current: 0.5A

Output Voltage: 9 DC

Output Current: 0.6A

Center Tip Polarity: Positive

Power Consumption (In Watts): 5.4

System and Cable Requirements: One Receiver Unit (ST121R) per display that you are connecting

Included in Package: 8 Port VGA Transmitter

Power Adapter

Instruction Manual


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