Netgear and Plantronics Product promotion Netgear and Plantronics Product promotion

*For total purchases of NETGEAR products above €1500 from Redcorp. Valid on purchases between December 1 and January 31, 2019. Offer limited to one headset per company.

10 Gigabit expensive?
It has never been so affordable with NETGEAR

The growth of technology today is in a constant upward spiral as less is required to do so much more than ever before. This means new hardware has matured past older and antiquated protocols. If not already done, it’s time to upgrade to a 10GB network.

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Fast and Furious

Speed is a top choice for moving forward with a 10GB Ethernet. As technology advances, faster results are expected without any of the old school glitches.


Cyber Safe

Security is the major reason for switching to a 10GB network. While hardware can be easily monitored and controlled, information is moved from and to anywhere in the world in the rapid blink of an eye. Frequency emanation allows hackers to tap into networks and steal precious data. With 10GB Ethernet, fiber optic cables are set up in the technological environment, and this feature allows no emanations. Hackers are unable to pick up data without interrupting service and notifying someone of a breach. Once again, the speed of a network service is an asset that also protects against intruders.


Last but not least: Why NETGEAR

Previously thought to be affordable and applicable only to the enterprise space, small- to medium-sized organizations can now take advantage of cost-effective NETGEAR 10-Gigabit Ethernet switching solutions to support high-speed networking requirements.


XS7 Smart Managed Switch Series

XS7 Smart Managed Switch Series

Starting from € 462

M4300 Intelligent Edge Series

Redcorp M4300 Intelligent Edge Series

Starting from € 1718