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Why Redcorp Finance ?

So that efficient ICT management means flexible investing

ICT infrastructures are becoming more and more complex and are expanding constantly. Thus investing in ICT is a strategic necessity for all organisations and is essential to remain competitive. The indirect acquisition cost, management cost and sales of older technology account for around 20 % of total cost of ownership. Besides offering a financial solution, Redcorp Finance takes on these tasks for you.

What is Redcorp Finance ?

Redcorp Finance offers a financial agreement, where you no longer have to buy needed technology but can lease these. Leasing is possible for all matters and services related to an automating project, for example software (provided permitted by suppliers), cabling, training, installation and implementation.

The possibilities of Redcorp Finance

Redcorp Finance can offer you a standard leasing solution, known also as financial or operational lease, but there are other possibilities. A number of forms of Redcorp Finance leasing solutions are :

  • Financial lease

    Financing by means of leasing offers you an extra credit line besides existing financing lines. Working capital is freed to do what it is meant for: to work and earn money for your company.

  • Operational lease or renting

    This renting is entirely for the operational cost. Assets and debt are not reported in the balance, whereby your relationships (for example relationship own asset versus total assets) are not affected.

The advantages of Redcorp Finance

Leasing is an attractive form of financing. Certainly for the ICT-sector, where products become outdated quickly. Redcorp Finance offers you more than a financing solution via the complete Redcorp Finance product line, which you can make use of as you wish. Advantages offered by Redcorp Finance :

  • Internet based

    Through the site of Redcorp you can calculate and submit your applications. This guarantees a fast and efficient communication and considerably shortens the handling time of the applications.

  • Contract

    You terms are clearly stated.

  • Re-marketing

    Equipment returned during an agreement is made into money by Redcorp Finance. An important part of the profit from this re-marketing –75 %- helps to reduce new purchases within the agreement.

  • Recycling

    Equipment, which Redcorp Finance takes over at the end of a leasing period is made useful by Redcorp Finance together with a certified partner, completely cleaned and made available to education or if re-use is not possible, it is disassembled and recycled.