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You might wonder why Redcorp, a 30-year-old company with the mission to make Buying IT made simple offers you cloud computing solutions. It is exactly because buying IT cannot be simpler than that!

Everyone knows that moving to the cloud is a buzzword on all scales of businesses ranging from small web shops to global enterprises. Moving to the cloud means to run the same work that is running in your server room in a more optimized state at a Cloud provider's data center. In this white paper, let's discuss if it is just a fad or a real game changer for your business.

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Should you spend more on CapEx or OpEx?

This is a basic decision that you would have to take in your IT strategy. Running your servers in your own server room is a capital expenditure while using servers on the cloud is an operational expenditure. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are such cloud service providers that Redcorp could help you to implement.

Running your own server room (CapEx) Using a Cloud service provider (OpEx)
Need to spend capital into purchasing computer equipment which would get depreciated in few years. Sometimes purchased hardware gets outdated/ outgrown even before they pay for themselves. State of the art equipment maintained by Microsoft, Amazon and Google. As you don't own the equipment, you only pay for usage.
Need to purchase equipment thinking about the future growth but pay for it now. Pay as you go model.
Not able to scale up/down your computing equipment based on temporary requirements such as a holiday season where your sales increase for a short span. Can increase/decrease your cloud computers with a click of a button. It can be even configured to scale up/down automatically based on the workload.
Need to spend money on redundant power supply, internet lines, cooling, security, office space for server room, support & software licensing costs etc. Natively supported by cloud for fraction of cost. You can even have a geographically dispersed disaster recovery plan on cloud which would ensure business continuity even in worse case scenarios.
Implementing high availability, disaster recovery & a proper backup solution to your in-house servers is going to be costly. Natively supported by cloud for fraction of cost. You can even have a geographically dispersed disaster recovery plan on cloud which would ensure business continuity even in worse case scenarios.
Having onsite or contracted IT staff is expensive. Cloud comes with free basic support. Redcorp as a Managed Cloud Service Provider ensures that you get end to end technical support you need to handle every business requirement.
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Lower Total Cost of Operation (TCO)

Think of the nuances of maintaining your own server room. You need to ensure that utility services such as power, cooling & internet are reliable, you need to ensure that broken equipment are fixed as soon as possible, and the list goes on.

When you accumulate the Total Cost of Operation of even having a single small sized server on-premises compared to running the same on the cloud, cloud is much cheaper & more reliable. The savings increase by multi-folds when the number of servers increase unless you already invested heavily on your own private data center.

Redcorp can help you to compare your current TCO vs the cost of running the same configuration in the cloud. Redcorp goes a step beyond to partner with you to ensure that your Cloud bill doesn't go out of control with our additional support on cost-optimizations and implementing best practices.

** All-inclusive TCO calculation of a 1 server in EU done using Azure TCO tool. (Cost in €.)

Lead time changes from days to minutes.

In this rapidly changing world, time equals money. Ordering a server and setting it up at your office takes time. Fixing a broken server at your office still takes few days of time. Meanwhile you might be losing productivity or even worse you might be losing potential business.

With cloud, setting up hundreds of virtual servers would be a matter of few hours or less. That is One reason why cloud computing services market is steadily growing YoY globally. Kodak, Blackberry & Nokia are good examples of companies which were slow to respond to evolving technology & lost their market share. We're here to help you stay ahead of the pack.

** Size of the public cloud computing services market, Gartner, April 2019.
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Big or Small, cloud is a fit for all

You might think whether you’re a good fit for the cloud. Different companies apt to go to cloud for various reasons. Usually it’s a combination of priorities. Regardless whether you have only few servers to migrate or Hundreds of servers, you would still get all the benefits companies like below enjoy. We would love to talk to you to discuss about the feasibility of your organization moving to the cloud.

** Above visualization consists of well-known organizations using Microsoft Azure.

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Improved Security & Compliance.

Lot of investments are done by companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services to keep their data centers secured. As a result, their environments implement support for various data privacy acts such as GDPR, EU-US Privacy Shield and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) to just name a few.

All of the cloud providers we work with have multiple ISO certifications & other global accreditations. When organizations like US Department of Defense, Nasdaq, US National Institute of Health & Boeing trust the cloud, they have very good reasons for that.

We at Redcorp ensure that the cloud environment we stand up for you would have proper security controls, auditing, best practice implementation and periodical vulnerability assessments/remediation, so you can focus on your core business.

** Global IT services market Statista report, based on 2017 survey by Spiceworks.

No need for in house cloud expertise

Redcorp supports end to end cloud implementation of any scale on Amazon Web Services, Azure & Google Cloud. Our cloud certified expert team would ensure that your cloud infrastructure is properly built up to standards, ready for use. Going beyond that, we also support the migration efforts, various maintenance requests & periodical reviews of your cloud environment. We’re even capable of delivering more advanced solutions such as VMWare Clouds, Kubernetes & various DevOps implementations as your requirements grow.

Cloud Solutions

Our certified cloud operation experts would;

  • Analyze the cost benefits for your organization and recommend the best options to suit your requirements.
  • Build the cloud environment for your organization.
  • Setup access controls & security for your cloud.
  • Setup monitoring, alerting, auditing & high availability according to industrial standards.
  • Setup backup and disaster recovery.
  • Support you on migrations.
  • Periodical vulnerability scans & remediations (patching).
  • Periodical best practice analysis & cost optimizations.
  • Additional cloud operation services such as DevOps.

If you feel it’s time for you to stay ahead of your competition, call us – We’re always there to help you with our 30 years of experience in IT. As an independent & unbiased Managed Cloud Service Provider, we can find you the best solution for your organization.

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