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Dropbox Business simplifies your work, with a central place to access and share files.


What is Dropbox Business ?

Dropbox Business lets your team bring work anywhere, syncing their important files across all their devices. Powerful admin tools help you stay on top of your account and take control of your organization’s information. Shared folders and links help keep everyone up to date, effortlessly. With Dropbox, team members can work together like they're sitting right next to each other — even when they’re halfway around the world.

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Dropbox core features
Storage 3 TB (3,072 GB) As much space as needed
Best-in-class sync technology
Easy and secure sharing
Anytime, anywhere access
256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption
Advanced data protection
Version history and file recovery 120 days 120 days
Advanced sharing permissions, including disable downloads
Password-protected and expiring shared links
Remote device wipe
Require two-factor authentication (2FA)
Granular permissions
Account transfer tool
Enables HIPAA compliance
Device approvals
Enterprise mobility management (EMM)
Advanced collaboration and productivity tools
Dropbox Paper
MS Office 365 integration
Dropbox badge
Plus button
File requests
Smart Sync
Plus button
Team folder
Viewer history
Powerful administrative tools
Admin console
Centralized billing
Company-managed groups
Tiered admin roles
Sign in as user
Audit logs with file event tracking
Single sign-on (SSO) integrations
Invite enforcement
Domain Insights and Account Capture
Network control
Unlimited API access to security platform partners
1 million API calls/month for data transport partners
Priority email support
Live chat support
Phone support Business hours only Business hours only
Advanced training for end users and admins